How to Seamlessly Connect Your Outdoor Living Space to Your Home

Your patio or other outdoor living space should be an extension of your home, and it should appear warm and inviting for entertaining and relaxing. It can be hard to prevent the outdoors from seeming blocked-off from the inside of your home, but following these tips can help the two run together seamlessly.

Install Patio Doors

First of all, consider installing patio doors in your living area. If you're able to easily see the outdoors, you won't feel as blocked-off from your patio or other outdoor living space. You can consider french patio doors. These doors that swing out will add an extra measure of elegance to your patio.

You can also use curtains or blinds for privacy when it's needed, but it's nice to know that all that is separating you from your comfortable outdoor area is just a pane of glass.

Incorporate Similar Decor

Instead of assuming that you have to take things to a different level outdoors, consider using similar decor as what is used in the connecting room. For example, use the same color scheme on your back patio as the one that you use in your living room. You can even use indoor/outdoor rugs that match in both areas. Then, when the door is opening or when you are simply peering outside, you will begin to see your patio as an extension of your living room rather than a completely separate entity.

Make it More Private

You'll feel a lot more comfortable leaving your doors open and entertaining both indoors and outdoors if you feel that your outdoor living area is nice and private. This can be achieved in a few different ways: installing a privacy fence is obviously a great way to do it, but strategically-placed plants can also help you achieve the same result. For example, planting hedges or putting up trellises and covering them with thick, climbing plants is a beautiful yet highly effective way of keeping your patio area a little more private.

Bring the Outdoors In

Consider bringing a touch of the outdoors inside your home; for example, pick some of your outdoor flowers, and keep them in a pretty vase in the connecting room. You could also hang party lights on the inside of your patio door as well as on the outside.

Connecting your home and your outdoor living space together can help you enjoy this comfortable extension of your home. Follow these tips, and you can seamlessly connect the two.