Targeted Cooling: Reasons To Use A Mini-Split System

When you use a central-air system, you push conditioned air into all of the rooms in your house. If you are using all of your rooms, then central air can be a good way to go. On the other hand, if you have rooms in your house that you don't use, pushing conditioned air into those rooms is simply wasteful. For those who are looking for a way to use less energy so that they can keep their cooling bills down, using a mini-split system can help. 

What is a Mini-Split System?

A central-air system will have a condenser unit located on the outside of the house and one centralized evaporator unit on the inside of the house. The air from the evaporator unit is then pushed through vents to the various rooms in the house. A mini-split  system will have one condenser unit on the outside and between one and four smaller evaporator units on the inside of the house. The evaporators for the mini-split system will be smaller than the evaporator for the central-air system—each evaporator should have enough power to cool just one room. 

What Are the Benefits of the Mini-Split System?

Each evaporator unit should be located in the room you want to cool. In this way, you can control the temperature for each room you want to cool independently of the other rooms in your house. Thus, you can eliminate battles over the thermostat setting. A further benefit of the mini-split system is that you can put the evaporators only in the rooms you use the most. Putting a mini-split system in the main living room and one in each occupied bedroom will help inhabitants to stay comfortable in their home without wasting energy by cooling rooms they never or rarely use. 

For people with a strong environmental conscience, it makes sense to be careful about how you use energy. Pumping cool air into a guest room or library does not make sense if you are trying to shrink your carbon footprint. Targeting your cooling with a mini-split system will help your body and your personality stay comfortable. But you don't have to be environmentally conscious in order to benefit from a mini-split system. Decreasing the size of your system and cooling only the rooms you most use will help you to save money. Furthermore, you can turn off your system when you aren't in a room, which will help you to keep your cost down. All in all, a mini-split system is a good way to go. For help deciding on the best way to cool your home, contact an HVAC specialist, like H R Stewart Inc.