2 Ways To Purify Water When You Are Camping

When you are camping and you do not have a standard water filter, you need to find a way to purify your water so that it is safe to consume and bathe with. Here are 2 ways to purify water so that you will not get sick.

Create a Filter

First, you can create a filter out of natural ingredients. You just need an empty soda bottle or some sort of large bottle that has a small opening or spout. Cut off the bottom of the soda bottle so that the little feet are gone.

Next, stuff a couple of pieces of newspaper in the bottle toward the small opening at the bottom. Next, put some pebble rocks on top of the newspaper in a layer that is a couple of inches thick. 

Once you have the rocks in the filter, add some pieces of charcoal to fill a few more inches of the bottle. Now you are ready to purify your water safely and naturally. Just pour the water over the top of the charcoals, and the water will filter through the 3 layers and will stop impurities from dripping out.

Charcoal in particular is good at purifying and getting rid of contaminants, so you should not omit this ingredient. Also, make sure that the soda bottle lid is off so that the water can drip out into a clean container while the water is filtering. Otherwise, the water will just float around in the bottle.

Use Chlorine Tablets

Second, you can bring chlorine tablets with you to purify your water. As a good rule of thumb, strain your water first to remove particles that are floating around. Once you have done this, add a tablet to your water according to the directions on the package.

Once the chlorine has dissolved, the water will be safe to use and drink. If you are still concerned about bacteria, boil your water as an extra precaution. This is not really necessary, but you can be certain that all of the bacteria in the water are dead. 

If you do not have access to a hot fire or camping stove, however, chlorine tablets will allow you to enjoy clean water the entire camping trip.

By trying one or both of these water purifying methods, you can camp, drink water safely, and enjoy your trip without ingesting harmful bacteria that can make you sick. For purifying your water at home, contact professionals, such as Sippel Well Drilling Inc.