3 Types Of Siding That Will Provide Good Protection For Your Home

When you build a home, the materials that go on the outside of your home matter because they can protect and shield your house from harm. Here are 3 types of siding that will provide good protection for your home.

Hardie Plank Siding

Hardie planks are quite popular right now and give any home a modern look. One of the reasons that these planks work well is because they are made of cement and not wood. Wood planks are a big hazard because they can catch fire more easily, they can attract termites, and they will become warped and worn by the weather over time.

Cement planks, however, imitate the look of wood planks without the same hazard. If you choose to use these planks on your home, then find a contractor who uses the method of dyeing the cement the desired paint color instead of just painting the planks.

Planks that are painted will show chips and wear much faster, but dyed cement will retain the color without chipping at all.

If you choose to use these planks, then your home will be protected from rain, hail, snow, ice, and wind.

Rock Siding

Another option to consider is rock siding. You will not typically use rock on your entire home, but you can combine this with planks to create the right look. Typically, you will see rock siding on the bottom third or quarter of the home as an accent.

Rock siding works well to protect your home from insects that may try to get in. This siding can be put together in the stacked style if the rocks are more oblong, or they can be put together with cement between them so that they are all stuck together. Either way, the rocks will be secured to the home by the builder with the appropriate materials.

Brick Siding

Lastly, brick siding is also an excellent choice because bricks are sturdy; they provide good support for the outside of your home, and they will last through many weather conditions.

The only downside to brick is that it can eventually wear away and crumble after a while. Also, the cement between the bricks can break off or come loose, meaning that they will need repair a little more often.

If you choose brick, then you will just need to inspect your home more often to make sure that all of the cement is sealed around the bricks so that bugs and weather do not affect your home in a negative way.

By choosing one or more of these siding options, from places like Side-Pro, Inc., you can protect your home and have a home that is modern and attractive.