Tips And Tricks To Warm Your Home When Your Heater Goes Out

If your heater stops working then you want to do all you can to keep your home heated until you're able to get a heater repair person out to fix the issue. Below you'll find simple tips and tricks to keep your home comfortably warm until help arrives:

Close up rooms not being used

The first thing you want to do is to stop the cold air from moving through your home. Close the doors to all the rooms in your home that aren't being used. Along with stopping the movement of cold air, this will also help you warm your home by giving you a smaller area to heat.

Have your ceiling fans spin clockwise

The heat in your home will rise toward the ceiling. By setting your ceiling fans to spin clockwise you'll be forcing the warmer air toward the ceiling down into the rest of the room. Make sure the fan is going at a low speed when it's on so it doesn't cause an added chill to the air.

Cover your bare floors

Bare floors will hold the cold in and this will make it harder to warm your house. Gather as many rugs as you can and cover the hard flooring in the most used rooms in your home to help hold the heat in. If you run out of rugs, it may be worth it to dedicate some thick blankets to the cause.

Keep exhaust fans turned off

You want to keep all the heat you can in the house and your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans will pull the hot air out of those rooms. If you have to use them, you want to turn them off as quickly as possible.

Shut your blinds

You want to shut the window blinds to help keep your home extra-insulated. The blinds will help prevent a cold draft from entering your home through the windows.

Use an emergency heater

You can make an emergency heater by putting a roll of toilet paper (without the cardboard center) into an empty pint sized paint can and fill the can with isopropyl alcohol until it's about an inch from the top. Light the toilet paper and use the lid of the can to control the heat. This heater can do a good job of heating a small room.

You can keep your home warmer by following the tips above until the repair person is able to make it to your home. To learn more, contact a company like Quick Servant Co. to learn more.