How A Tile Roof Can Save You Money

Any roofing material should be able to keep the rain out, but you should also be concerned about keeping your home cool. A roof made from asphalt shingles will absorb energy from the sun and then radiate that heat into your home. If you want to keep you home cool, you need to use a material that will keep the heat out.

If you have the money to buy premium roofing materials, you can buy roofing tiles to keep your home cool:

The Proper Material For Tiles

You can find tiles made from either concrete or ceramic. Concrete tiles will cost less money, but they will not hold their color as well as ceramic tiles, and they are not as durable as ceramic tiles. A good ceramic tile roof can last for up to seventy years.

In contrast, an asphalt-shingle roof will only last for fifteen years or so. Thus, a tile roof will help you to save on repair and replacement costs, but that is just where the savings start. 

How Tile Roofs Help to Keep Your Home Cool

Roofing tiles will typically come with an S-shape. This S-shape helps to keep water from seeping under the tiles, but it also serves a secondary purpose. The ridge created by laying a roofing tile against your roof creates a channel under the tile.

As the tiles heat up, heat will seep through the tiles and into the channels below. The heat will then rise up the channels to the ridge of the roof. Once heat gets to the ridge, special vents in the roof will allow the heat to escape before it leaks into your home.

Because of these heat-venting features, a tile roof qualifies as a cool roof and can help you to save money on your cooling costs. 

Tile roofs will cost more money to install, but they can help you to save money over the long run. Rather than replace your roof every fifteen years or so, you can virtually eliminate the need to replace your roof during the time you live in your house. Even if you have a durable roofing material for your home, you might still have to worry about paying too much to keep your home cool.

Tile roofs offer you durability and the chance to save money on your cooling costs. Thus, you are better served to pay the extra money for a tile roof, then to go for an option that will only save you money in the short run. If you want even more help, or just have other questions, try contacting a professional roofing contractor for more information.