Deck Out Your Windows And Protect Your Home From Harmful UV Rays At The Same Time

The sun shining through your windows offers you warmth and light, but it also offers harmful UV rays. It can also fade your furniture and carpeting. Below are some tips to block out the sun, and keep your windows decked out at the same time:

Blackout Shade

One of the easiest ways you can block the sun from shining through your windows is by using a blackout roller shade.  This type of shade is lined with an extra layer of vinyl fabric. These shades also work well if you have a room that you want to black out, such as a bedroom, for sleeping during the day.

When installing these shades, mount them behind the roller. This lets the shade rests directly on the face of the window frame so light cannot come through between the frame and shade. Use another window treatment along with your blackout shade, such as a valance or curtain, to make them look nicer.

Black Out Curtains

If you do not want to install shades on your windows, you can purchase blackout curtains. These curtains have a blackout liner that blocks out the sun's harmful UV rays.You can choose liners in most colors so you can find something that goes well with your curtain and the decor of your room. If you cannot find these curtains in stores, you may have to order them online. The store you are looking in many be able to special order curtains for you.

Tinted Window Films

Tinted window films work well because they let the light in, but keep the harmful UV rays out. Some window films are shatter resistant, and if something hits the window, the film holds the shards of glass together.

Tinted window films also reduce glare from the sun, and can give you privacy if you choose a darker tint. If you want a more natural look, however, you can choose a clear window film. It still blocks out the UV rays from the sun, but they will not reduce glare as well as darker tints. Talk with a window installation company about installing window films on your windows. They are installed on the inside of your windows. If you are having new windows installed, it is a good time to do it. Just make sure you tell the installation company you want this done before they start installing your new windows.

If you have a garage with windows, consider installing these shades and/or curtains on them to protect you while you are working in it. To learn more, contact a company like Fary W. T. Bros Lumber Co.