Factors Affecting The Price Of Installing A Shower

When you wish to install a shower without spending too much money, you should not just throw your budget range to the technician. Instead, you should evaluate the factors that contribute to the cost of the installation and come up with a budget based on them. Apart from the labor cost, some of the things that will determine your shower installation cost include:

Type of Shower

The first and the most obvious factor is the type of shower you wish to install. There is a huge range of showers, from the relatively costly electric types that warm water with the same technology used by electric kettles to the relatively inexpensive manual mixtures.

Surface Material

It's not just the type of the shower that determines its price, but also its material. Do you want to install a customized tile shower? Be prepared to pay more for it than you would pay for ceramic tiles. Or you are still undecided on whether to opt for fiberglass or go with the more durable stone? Be prepared to pay more for the latter. Of course, you can also forget about tiles altogether and opt for the economical choice of a one-piece shower enclosure.

Types and Materials of Fixtures

Showers need fixtures such as faucets and showerheads. The type and materials of these fixtures also determine your overall installation cost. Do you want copper, polished brass, chrome, or bronze? Your answer has a bearing on your budget. For example, polished brass is more expensive than bronze and nickel.

These fixtures also come in a variety of styles, all with different prices. For example, showerheads come in a variety of styles such as sliding bar showerheads and shower panels. The panels, which are fitted with water jets attached to one or more shower walls costs more than the former.

Additional Installations

Apart from the basic shower installations of walls, fixtures, and showerhead, you may also elect to install other things such as fan, doors, shower pans and others. Whatever you choose to install depends on your taste and preference, but some are more important than others. For example, a shower fan is useful in ventilating the shower enclosure.

As you can see, there are so many things that go into the installation of a shower. Therefore, it is best to sit down with your plumber and discuss all these and other factors that may influence the cost. That way, you can curtail the installation to a suitable budget without compromising on your wishes. (For information on general contractors, contact JW's Construction Innovations or another company)