Four Things You Should Know When Looking For Wood Shakes And Shingles For Your Roof

If you want to replace your old asphalt shingles, wood roofing can be a good choice. There are many different choices of shakes and shingles, which can be treated woods, cedar and other natural materials that are resistant to weathering. There may also be some requirements in your area if you want to have wood roofing installed on your home. Here are some things that you should know before you choose wood roofing products for your home:

1. Natural Wood Shakes And Shingles For Moderate Climates

There are many choices of natural wood shakes that you can have installed on your home. One of the most popular choices in North America are cedar shakes. Other materials like oak and redwood can also be a good choice. These materials are naturally resistant to insects and decay, which makes them a good choice in a moderate climate.

2. Using Pressure Treated Shingles For Wet And Rainy Climates

Pressure treated lumber is another choice that you may want to consider for shakes. While natural woods can be resistant to rot, with heavy rains and wet climates they may not be ideal. Pressure treated materials can give you a roof that is more ideal for this type of application. You may also want to consider adding zinc to your roof to help prevent fungus growth as well. The zinc can be installed with strips that are nailed under the shakes at the top of the roof.

3. Areas With Wildfire Seasons And Shakes Treated With Fire-Retardants

If you live in an area with wildfire seasons, you may not want to have untreated wood materials on your roof due to the fire hazards they pose. There are wood roofing products available that are treated with a fire-retardant, which can give your home more protection during the fire season. This is an option if you want real wood roofing, but also want protection for your home.

4. Composite And Synthetic Shakes Where Real Wood Is Prohibited 

In some areas, the use of wood roofing is completely prohibited due to dry desert climates. In these areas, you may want to consider synthetic alternatives to give your home the look of shakes. These can be composites that are fire-resistant, or other materials, such as metal with a shake pattern. Metal will give you the highest rating of fire protection and is one of the best choices if you live in a dry, desert-like climate.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider before choosing wood roofing for your home. If you are ready to have your roof replaced, contact a roofing contractor like Roof Tech and talk with them about some of these options for an authentic shake roof.