How To Pick The Right Carpet For You

If you are shopping for new carpet, then there are a lot of options out there. To make your choice a little easier, here is a breakdown of some of the most common types of carpets.

The first thing you need to know about carpet is that it comprises two parts: the pile and the backing. The backing sits on the floor and provides a foundation and support for the pile. The pile is the layer of fibers that come to mind when you think of carpet. While there are many kinds of carpets, they all fall into one of several categories that are based on how the pile is actually arranged and cut.

Cut Pile

If the pile is sheared in a linear fashion, creating a flat and even surface, then you have a cut pile carpet. The most popular cut pile carpets are:

  • Frieze - This carpet is composed of a twisting pattern of cut fibers. Footprints don't leave impressions on frieze carpet.
  • Plush - A luxurious and soft carpet, plush also conforms to footprints quite easily. This means that impressions will be visible for quite a while.
  • Saxony - Saxony carpets combine the twisting of frieze with the luxurious and impressionable nature of plush.
  • Textured Plush - While the other options tend to make footprints quite obvious, textured plush does not have such a problem. If you want a carpet for your whole home, then this is a great choice.

Loop Pile

If the fibers are left uncut, then they resemble small loops, which is where loop pile carpets get their name. Loop pile carpets have a single type of loop of a single size. Because the loops are anchored at both ends of the strand to the backing, loop pile carpets tend to be very durable. Like textured plush carpets, loop pile carpets are excellent choices for carpeting an entire home.

Patterned Loop Pile

While loop pile carpets have loops of uniform size, patterned loop pile carpets have several distinct sizes of loops. This ultimately creates a pattern on the carpet, which can be quite pleasing to look at. Like regular loop pile carpets, patterned loop pile is quite durable.

Cut and Loop Pile

If you want a combination of cut and loop, then this is the option for you. It combines the patterns of loop pile with the softness and comfort of professionally cut pile carpet.