Three Different Dock Solutions For Your Lakefront Vacation Home

If you have lakefront property, a vacation home can be a great addition. There are many things that you may want or need for your lakefront home. This can include features, such as seawalls, docks and boat houses. Here are some of the dock solutions you may want to consider to get the most out of your lakefront property:

1. Floating Docks For Different Water Levels

Many lakefront homes are located on water that may be used for various infrastructures. Lake reservoirs can be used for flood control, power production and irrigation purposes. This means that the levels of water may vary depending on factors like the time of year, energy or irrigation needs. A floating dock is the best solution for this type of property, because it will always be at the current water level. There are also docks that can be moved for times when the levels are extremely low and you need to move them closer to the water.

2. Options For Boat Houses And Recreational Equipment Storage

You may also have boats or other recreational equipment for your waterfront property. Boat houses can be a great place to store these materials. You can have an on-land boat house built with ramps for access. There are also floating boat houses that can be built on the water and give you easy access to all your recreational equipment. Another benefit of a boat house on the water is that it can be incorporated with dock features and other recreational features, such as sundecks and slides.

3. Durable Docks With Classic Pier Style Construction Methods

In some conditions, you may not want to have floating docks and boat houses. You may want to have something more durable with a pier type design. This can be in areas with rough waters or saltwater conditions. A pier design can give you a more durable dock, as well as a choice of many other materials for a durable dock. If you want, you can also have a floating feature added to these docks, which can be stored in a safe area when the conditions are not the best.

These are some of the dock features that you may want to get the most out of your lakefront property. If you are ready to start building these things for your property, contact a dock building contractor, like SteMic Enterprises Inc, and talk with them about the type of dock that will be best for you.