How To Paint Straighter Lines

Painting the drywall on the interior of your home is a perfect remodel for DIYers. It is a basic remodel, but it will hugely change the style of any room. If you want your paint job to look good, you do need to learn how to paint the edges. Painting most of the wall is simple and quick, you just roll it on. However, painting around the edges takes a little more skill. If your edges look sloppy and crooked, your entire paint job will not look professional. This articles explains a sure-fire way to paint straight lines.

Use Painter's Tape

You will often see professional painters freehand their edges. However, you should not try to freehand your edges unless you have experience with painting. Instead, you need to learn how to correctly use painter's tape. Even the best tape often won't work well on textured drywall. If you use painter's tape and a little bit of lightweight spackling paste, you can ensure that your paint lines are straight.

Making Your Tape Line Stronger with Spackling Paste

First, you need to apply the tape along the edges that you are painting. Push down the edge firmly. One tip is to use a wash cloth to cover your finger as you push down the tape.

Applying the lightweight spackling paste is simple if you have a pair of latex gloves. Just spread the spackle all over the edge that you are painting, applying it thinly. This will spread the spackle into the crevices from the wall texture. You want to wipe away any excess. You don't want the spackle to dry and alter the texture near the tape line.

You can paint over the line as soon as you are done spreading the spackle. You don't need to wait for it to dry. In fact, you can even pull away the tape when the spackle and paint are still wet. When painting near the edges, you need to make sure that you don't use too much paint. It is better if you paint multiple coats with less paint on the brush, instead of applying a thick coat all at once. Using an angled brush makes it easier to paint in the corners, especially near the ceiling.

If your edges are look more professional, your entire paint job will look so much better. The rest of the wall will be easy to cover with a paint roller. Take your time when painting the edges and the end result will be much better. If you don't feel confident in your ability to paint straight lines, contact a professional, like M.S. Service Inc., to do the job for you.