Three Reasons Why Your Construction Contractor Can Offer Services All Year Round

Many contractors have to stop construction work when temperatures dip below a certain degree. This is because the crew members may not be able to stay warm enough or safe enough to continue working or because the materials the contractor works with would become useless if they are not stored and used at a certain temperature. If you find a contractor that can do some work for you in the colder months, he or she probably has some very good reasons why he/she can offer these services. 

Cold Weather Construction Equipment

Contractors that can work almost the entire year can do so because they own special "cold weather equipment." This equipment includes tank heaters and barrel heaters- blanketing devices that wrap all the way around the tanks on tanker trucks and barrels of cement, asphalt and concrete. Since all of these substances (plus a few more not mentioned here) need to stay warm and liquid, other contractors who do not have this equipment usually cannot offer or honor late fall and winter contracts.

Warming Trailers, Space Heaters and Arctic Gear for the Crew

Another reason why your contractor may be able to offer services at a time of the year when other contractors cannot has a lot to do with how the crew stays warm. If the crew shows up to the job site dressed in what looks like bright yellow or orange firefighters' gear, your contractor has invested in arctic coats, pants and cover-ups to keep his or her crew warm whilst they work in chilly or freezing weather. In addition to the Arctic protective gear, the contractor may also have space heaters and warming trailers for the crew so that no one goes too long without warming back up and sustaining reasonable temperatures in their extremities. Without these amenities, your contractor would probably stop working and lay off his or her crew about mid- to late-fall, like most other contractors do.

Your Contractor Has Crew Members That Do Not Mind the Cold

Some people just do not mind cold weather, while others just want to be out working as much as they can. Chances are, your contractor can offer services during these months not only because he or she has cold weather equipment and gear, but also because he or she has a crew that signs up to work during these months. Regardless of what motivates these crew members, it is a boon to both you and the contractor because more projects can be accepted, completed and done before the competition heats up in the spring.