4 Ways Tree Service Is Crucial Before Hurricane Season Begins

If you live in an area that experiences hurricanes, it is important that you recognize just how dangerous they can be—especially if your home has a lot of overgrown trees. While you can only do your best to protect your home through hurricane shutters and moving patio furniture inside, it is also important that you focus on your landscaping so that the trees will not be an issue.

Consider the following problems that could occur with overgrown trees before it is too late.

Severe Damage Could Be Done to the Trees

While you may be thinking mainly about your home in the event of a hurricane, it is also important that you recognize the kind of damage that could be done to the trees themselves. Overgrown trees could mean that the entire tree becomes uprooted—ruining a good shade tree or one that is sentimental to you due to its age. With basic trimming, you can reduce the chance of the tree getting harmed.

Potential Damage to Your Home

Loose branches or weak roots could lead to the tree being uprooted or limbs snapping off and hitting your home. This could lead the siding or roofing of your home being damaged and even windows getting broken, so it is vital that the trees are cared for so that they will not cause property damage.

Snapped Branches Could Be Dangerous to People

Branches can be weak after a hurricane, meaning that they can snap off at any time. This can be extremely dangerous when you are going back outdoors since they could fall on you, your pets, or pedestrians near your home. While tree service will likely be needed after a storm has passed, some preventive tree trimming ahead of time can help reduce the chance of limbs snapping off and causing an issue for you.

Less Cleanup After the Storms

Once the hurricane is gone, you will likely have a lot of debris to clean up around your property including plant clippings, branches, and other litter from your landscaping. With tree service done ahead of time, you will likely have a lot less to clean up, making tree service an ideal thing to take care of before a storm arrives.

With the typical cost for tree trimming around $150-$875, you may be concerned about scheduling this service. To avoid serious damage during a hurricane, however, it is best to consider the above ways that tree services can be beneficial.  Contact a local company, like Jerry's Tree Service, for more help.