Keeping Your Commercial Marina Safe For Guests Year Round

If you're a commercial marina owner, one of your main concerns is likely the safety for your guests as well as their ease of use and access to your property. Making sure that all of your docks are in proper working order is a safety issue that is important for your reputation with the Coast Guard. If you're aware of issues that need to be fixed, now is the time to call in the pros to make the necessary repairs. Failure to do so could result in steep local and government fines, as well as lawsuits from guests. Here are some things you should always have checked frequently to prevent any type of accident or mishap from occurring in or around your marina.

Dock Building And Repairs

Having your existing dock space thoroughly inspected each year helps to ensure that it is safe for guests who are walking and stepping on and off from their vessels. A certified marine contractor will look for certain things:

  • Any missing wood pieces on the dock or in the footings
  • If the dock is metal—to check for warping, rusting or dents.
  • Thorough inspection of the underwater platform that supports the dock system.
  • Removal of plants and attached sea barnacles from the underwater dock.
  • Replace and repair dock hardware, such as screws and nails.
  • No gaps or uneven spaces between the dock and concrete footers and walkways

An inspection will help to detect underlying issues and keep your marina safe for all who use it.

Custom Float Docks

If you have float dock areas, they should also be checked daily by marina staff as well as inspected by a professional contractor throughout the year. Make sure that all parts are properly secure and there isn't too much flexibility with the dock surface. Floating docks move with the water and are more prone to wear and tear than most stationary docks. A professional can also come and inspect your dock to ensure that it's safe for your guests.

Boat Launch Design And Installation

A qualified marine contractor and architect can help you decide if your boat launch area is up to code and still suitable for newer model boats and jet-skis that are on the water today. If you need to redesign your boat launch to bring it up to code, a marine contractor will hire a team of professionals that will:

  • Find the best location for easy access.
  • Repair, add to or tear down the existing launch.
  • Properly grade the ground for the new launch area.
  • Add concrete footings and construct the launch ramp.

Making sure that your boat launch is safe and meets local marina codes, will help reduce the risk of getting fined and ordered to shut down by the city or government.

Boat Lift Inspection

If you have a boat lift area for boat storage or loading, this piece of your marina must be in top working order at all times. Check daily for any loose hardware and make sure that the lift is still properly constructed to the ground. Make repairs right away to prevent any type of malfunction with the lift.

Contact your local marine construction company today to have a qualified marine contractor inspect your premises.