Are You Turning Your Home Into A Full-Time Rental? Maximize Safety With New Smoke Detectors

When you are living in a house that you own, it is easy to start procrastinating on basic maintenance and repairs. While this is certainly not ideal, it is something you can get away with as a homeowner. But, if you want to move out of your current home, you may have the desire to turn it into a full-time rental. This means you will no longer have the luxury of being able to wait on things that need your attention. Putting some work into the smoke detectors is one of the first projects you should handle to maximize safety.

Add More Detectors

The first step is to add more detectors to your house. For anywhere from $15 to $60, you can get yourself a high-quality smoke detector that will provide your tenants with the fire safety they deserve. It is crucial to know exactly where all of your detectors should go to maximize their effectiveness. For instance, you need to have one in every single bedroom, which may seem like a little much at first thought. But, when you realize the impact of having a fire in your home, a minor addition like this may feel like a necessity.

Opt for Dual-Sensor Alarms

There are three kinds of smoke detectors on the market, and one of them accomplishes two tasks. A dual-sensor alarm is valuable because it gives you both technologies for detecting nearby fires. Photoelectric detectors excel at notifying the tenant of smoky fires, while the ionization will go off for blazing fires. Although you can introduce a mix of both detectors to the property as the landlord, you will find it better to avoid the chance of one alarm not working properly, which could lead to a disastrous situation.

Plan to Replace the Batteries

As soon as you rent out the place, you may not feel the need to check on the tenants for a long time. But, one thing that you should make a top priority is talking to them at least every six months. It is safer to replace the batteries in smoke detectors after six months pass by. Although the alarms may be working, you may want to change the batteries just because it reduces the risk of an undetected fire.

As a landlord, you have to take responsibility for a large portion of your home's safety. So, investing in new smoke detectors is a perfect choice that can give you peace of mind and make your tenants feel safe. Check out a company like Fyr Fyter Inc for more information.