Prevent Rock Falls by Choosing One of These Four Solutions

Living in an area where you are concerned about a rock fall can be a stressful experience. Luckily, there are a number of solutions that you can use to prevent rock falls from damaging your home or injuring anyone. Here are four options you can consider.

Mesh Netting

A simple solution that can stop rocks from rolling toward your house is mesh netting. If rocks begin to move, the netting will stretch and catch them. The netting is typically attached to long studs that have been driven into the soil, so there is no concern that the netting will become loose and allow the rocks to hit your house. This solution is best for gradual slopes near your house that you want to protect yourself from.

HEA Panel

Another thing you can do to ensure rock falls don't affect your home is to get a HEA (High Energy Absorption) panel. Unlike mesh, this panel will not stretch; it is composed of strong cables that absorb the shock of falling rocks and soil. This kind of panel works especially well when there is a steep slope that you're seeking protection from.

Steel Sheets and Pile Walls

Another solution using steel is a pile wall, with which steel piles are placed closely together and are reinforced by concrete or wood panels to hold rocks back.

A steel pile wall can be erected easily, as all that needs to be done is to purchase sheets of steel and position them in the ground. The only challenge with a steel pile wall is to ensure that the steel sheets are deep enough in the soil to stand firm against rocks as they start to fall.

Shotcrete Wall

A more permanent solution is to have shotcrete applied directly over the rocks themselves. Shotcrete is a type of concrete that is applied with a hose, and when it dries, it will lock the stones in place so that they cannot travel down a slope and damage structures on your property. However, you do need to allow the shotcrete to dry after it is applied; you may wish to use mesh netting until the shotcrete has been allowed to set.

Use one or more of these four choices to ensure that you are able to protect your family and house if rocks start to fall on your property. Check with a contractor such as Geotech Solutions Inc to find out more about which solution might work best for your situation.