Safety Maintenance For Your Garage Door

Your garage door is one of the biggest and heaviest moving parts of your home. If your garage door was manufactured after December 31, 1992, then it is required by law to include certain safety features that could prevent your garage door from harming people and pets in your home. Like the other parts of your garage door, these safety features need regular testing and maintenance in order to function properly. The following tips will help you maintain the safety features in your garage door and keep your garage door safe for other members of your household.

Perform a Safety Inspection

Before you can fix problems with your garage door's safety features, you must first decide whether or not any problems exist. Performing an inspection will alert you to issues with your garage door. To start, open your garage door and wait until it is in an open position. Next, place a brick or a 2x4 beam of wood in the path of your door.

Push the button to close the door, then allow the door to shut on the object you placed in the doorway. When your door reaches the object, the door should re-open automatically. If it does not, call a garage door repair professional. If the garage door does open automatically, proceed to the next step of the safety inspection.

With the door in the open position, remove the brick or object from your doorway. Find a broom or another long-handled item. Finally, push the button to shut the door, then wave the handle of the broom in the doorway as the door is closing.

Down at the bottom of the doorway opening, you should see two small metal boxes on either side of the doorway. These boxes are the photoelectric eyes. An invisible laser beam between the eyes tells the garage door motor that the path between the garage door is clear. Use the broom handle to break the path between the two laser beams. When you do this, the door should automatically reverse course and open.

Photo Eye Problem Trouble Shooting

If the photoelectric eyes on the garage door don't seem to be functioning, use a clean rag or cloth to wipe down the lenses of the eyes, which may have become dirty or misaligned. If the lenses look like they are no longer pointing at each other, straighten them. If this doesn't fix the problem, call a garage door repair professional, such as Plano Overhead Garage Door, for repairs.