Grease Trap Clog Prevention Advice For Holidays And Peak Seasons

If you own or manage a restaurant, you may experience high-volume during the holidays. Perhaps you do not see an increase in business around the holidays, but you may have another time in the year that you consider peak time for your restaurant. As a preventative measure, you likely get grease trap cleaning performed before these high-traffic times, but you may not realize that you may still be at risk for grease trap clogs due to the unusual volume of customers. The following are a few things that you can implement to reduce the chances of clogs occurring during these busy times.

Consider alternate menu options.

Offering an alternate menu that includes items that are not greasy can minimize the grease on dishes. It may also attract new customers who desire to eat low-fat meals. Some of your customers may still enjoy your main dishes even though they are grease laden. You do not want to lose business over menu items, but offering healthier options will likely pique the interest of some of your loyal dinner guests. This may result in people eating a combination of foods rather than consuming large amounts of greasy food. 

Ensure employees know and practice proper grease disposal methods.

You likely have trained your employees on the proper grease disposal methods. Ensure that you do a reminder training. This is because some of your employees may have gotten lax with the rules if you have never had a clogged grease trap. For example, they may occasionally allow small amounts of grease to enter drains. This may not have caused any problems in the past due to it not being a busy time of year for the restaurant. 

Set-up a pre-soak station to reduce chances of grease entering drains as a result of dishes and eating utensils. 

The pre-soak station should contain a basin of hot water mixed with a bio-degradable dish cleaning solution. You will need to scrape scraps into the appropriate containers. For example, if you keep scraps for animals or compost, put them in the appropriate container. Some restaurants dispose of scraps. The idea is to ensure that as much food as possible is scraped away from dishes. The pre-soak mix will aid in removing grease, and you may need to gently wipe plates to remove thick or coagulated grease. When the grease is removed, you can wash the dishes as you normally would. Do not pour the greasy water from the basin down the drain. Pour it outside. This is why it is important to choose a biodegradable dish cleaning solution. Using other types of solutions could harm the environment when poured on the ground. 

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