About Water Problems From A Cracked Basement Foundation

Does water come up through the cracks in your basement foundation when it rains? If your house now has mold growing in it because of the high level of humidity, you need to address all of the problems in a timely manner. It is also a smart idea to take the measures needed to prevent water from being able to accumulate in large amounts until the problems are fixed. This article provides a few suggestions that can be considered to bring the situation under control.

1. Get the Cracks in the Foundation Fixed

The first thing that you should do without delay is hire a contractor to repair the cracks that are in the foundation. The cracks not only put your house at risk for water damage when it rains, but they cause the foundation to be unstable. There are actually foundation sealant products that you can purchase in general stores to seal the cracks up without professional assistance, but it is wise to hire a professional. The reason why is because the sealants used by professionals are usually of a higher quality, which means the seals will block out water better.

2. Invest in Mold Remediation in a Timely Manner

After the foundation problem has been taken care of, you will need to get the mold removed from your home. Living in a house with mold spores can cause an array of health problems, especially if you are dealing with black mold. You must understand that black mold can actually cause health problems that are fatal. The best way to get the mold removed is by hiring a remediation specialist, as he or she will have the skills and equipment for doing a thorough job. It is very important for the mold spores to be contained during the removal process, as it prevents them from getting into other rooms of your house and growing.

3. Make Sure a Submersible Sump Pump Is Installed

If you want to make sure water does not accumulate in your basement in the future, invest in getting a submersible sump pump installed. You can never predict when a plumbing problem might cause water to get into the basement or when the foundation will crack again. By having a sump pump in place, it will give water a way for exiting the basement without accumulating. The pump will be installed inside of the ground of your basement and can quickly remove water as it enters the basement.

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