The Basic Maintenance And Servicing Of Your Well To Ensure Your Home Has Water

It is important to maintenance routine servicing of your well for several reasons. The equipment needs to be checked to ensure it is working properly, as well as the water quality tested. Contaminates easily get into wells and affect water. To ensure your well has clean water and it is always flowing, here are some basic maintenance and servicing needs of water wells:

1. Inspecting and Testing Water Well Equipment Regularly

Inspecting the well equipment regularly is important if you want to ensure that you do not have any major well problems. This should include testing the pump, pressure tank, and all the electrical connections and battery. Equipment needs to be inspected annually, but you may want to check it as the seasons changed for problems like damage due to freezing during the winter months.

2. Knowing When to Test Water Quality for Problems and Safety

Testing the water quality of your well is important to ensure it is safe to drink. Test the water several times a year to ensure that it is safe. In addition, if you notice that the water tastes different, has discoloration or a funny smell, you need to test it. It is better to be safe and know that there is nothing wrong with the water than to drink water that may be contaminated and have a negative effect on your health.  

3. Making Sure That Your Well Is Safe from Foreign Contamination

Water quality in your well is effected by many different problems. Contamination from outside of the well itself is usually the cause of contaminated well water. To prevent contamination, make sure not to put things like chemicals, fuels, and debris close to the well, where they can easily be washed in. In addition, check the well casing regularly for problems that would allow water to get in. If the well is downhill and water drain towards it, consider installing a protective barrier. The barrier around the casing will prevent contaminates from washing down into the casing.

If you want to be sure that your well is in good shape, make a routine schedule and checklist to keep up with your well. If you need a well or maintenance, contact a water well drilling service to help with your well needs. The water well service will also be able to help you with testing the water and installing purification systems to ensure your water is safe. Click here for additional reading.