Three Benefits Of Ergonomic Work Benches

There are industrial work benches, and then there are ergonomic industrial work benches. Ergonomic work items are not just a fad; they are proven to make work better for all employees. Here are three benefits of ergonomic industrial workbenches.

Less Strain on the Neck, Shoulders, and Back

These ergonomic workbenches are designed so that your employees can sit at them at a comfortable work height for detailed work, and stand at them and work for larger job assignments. The built-in overhead lights cast light onto the work table, while the racks for materials are well within reach along the back of the bench. Employees never strain their shoulders by constantly reaching overhead or reaching too far, they do not strain their neck muscles hunched over detail work with little light, and they can sit or stand at a proper working height meant just for them.

Completely Adjustable Heights and Material Storage

Employees, regardless of their height, get work stations that are adjustable to fit their own individual heights and job assignments. The legs of every bench adjust to higher or lower positions. The racks for storing job supplies adjust up and down on a peg system on the two vertical bars on the backs of these ergonomic benches. Additionally, you or the employees can add extra rows of material storage on the back bars whenever they need to.

Work Platforms Support a Lot of Weight

Whether your employees are leaning on their elbows to work from a sitting position, or they just need a very sturdy work station to which they can transfer a large, heavy project, the ergonomic work platforms can hold the weight. Industrial work benches are built to do this anyway, but these particular benches can meet extra weight demands when necessary, which reduces the back strain on employees when they are transferring projects to and from the benches. (In the event of a work-related accident, the work platforms can double as places to lay down until an ambulance arrives.)

Consider Replacing All of Your Current Industrial Workbenches with Ergonomic Ones

If you are ready to make the switch to ergonomic workbenches, contact an industrial furniture supplier or the manufacturer of some well-known ergonomic workbenches. Since there are several different styles and amenities, you should ask about what the different tables provide. Then place your order for the number of workbenches you think you will need for your employees.

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