Ideas For Renovating Your Small Kitchen

Living with a small kitchen is challenging. There is never enough counter space and storage is usually tight. If you're planning to renovate your home, then doing something about the kitchen is probably top on your list. Creating more space in your kitchen not only makes your life easier, it also makes your home more appealing to future buyers. Here are some ideas for renovating a small kitchen.

Install Open Cabinets

Your kitchen might appear larger, if the cabinet space is opened up. One way to do this is to install open cabinets without doors. Another option is to install cabinets with glass doors, so the doors are nearly invisible. This draws the eye deeper into the cabinet, so the extra space is visible, and your kitchen seems a little larger. If you find it difficult to organize your dishes and pans in an open cabinet, then you might want to consider hanging your pots and pans from a suspended or wall rack. This can also help you solve the problem of limited storage space.

Add More Counter Space

If the kitchen is large enough to bring in an island or counter-height table, you may want to do that, so you can have more counter space for food preparation. Place the island in the middle of the room, if possible, so you have plenty of space to walk around it. You can install a cook's island that also holds a range and dishwasher. You could even move the sink to the island. This may free up wall space for a larger refrigerator or additional cabinets. If you use a counter-height table rather than an island, it will act as a food preparation area, as well as a dining area. If you choose stools without backs or benches, they will slide under the table and be out of the way, until you need them.

Open Up A Wall

One way to handle a small kitchen is to make it bigger by knocking out any wall that separates it from the living room or family room. While the actual working space may stay nearly the same, removing the wall makes the area seem much larger. If you can't open the entire wall, you might consider cutting out a pass-through, and place an island under it, so you can look into the family room, while working in the kitchen.

Consider Alternative Storage Options

If you have difficulty storing appliances, cookware, dishes, and food supplies in your small kitchen, consider converting a nearby closet into a pantry. Depending on how your home is designed, you may be able to put shelves in a hall closet, and use it for kitchen storage. This will keep clutter from accumulating on the counters, and it will keep your cabinets organized. Cluttered countertops not only make your kitchen look even smaller than it is, it also makes food preparation a frustrating endeavor, when you always have to move things out of the way.

Talk to your contractor about possible kitchen renovation, including ways you can enlarge your kitchen space and ways you can just make it look larger than it is. You'll want a kitchen that is attractive and modern, while allowing you to cook and clean with ease.