4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Welding Equipment

If you just invested in some welding equipment, you want to make sure that you know how to take proper care of your welding equipment. Taking proper care of your welding machine will help ensure that you are able to get as much use and life out of your new investment.

  1. Follow the Specifications

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you use your welding equipment as it was intended to be used. Read the information that comes with your welding equipment. For example, the equipment that you purchase may be designed to work for a high-intensity weld for ten minutes before you allow the equipment to cool off for a set period of time, or it may be designed to work for thirty minutes before it needs to cool off.

Do not try to take on bigger jobs than your welding equipment is designed for. Work on jobs that are the right size for your equipment so you don't stress out your equipment.

  1. Remove Dust & Debris

On a weekly basis, you are going to want to remove dust and debris from your system. This is really easy to do. In order to remove dust and debris, take the covers off of your welding equipment. Then use an air compressor to blow air through your equipment. This is a nice and easy way to get rid of dust that gets inside of your welding equipment.

  1. Grind Away from Your Equipment

You should not grind metal that you need to work on near your welding equipment. Although grinding metal is a necessary step for the welding process, you should do it far away from your welding equipment. That way, all of that fine dust will not get sucked up into your equipment.

  1. Keep Woodwork Away from Your Equipment

Next, make sure that you keep woodwork away from your equipment. It is common to need to do woodwork if you work in construction. However, when you sand wood, it can create sawdust. If that sawdust gets near your welding equipment it can catch fire, smolder and create unnecessary flames. You don't want wood near your welding equipment. It creates a safety issues and the fine dust can wear down your equipment as well.

The key to getting the most use out of your welding equipment is to clean your equipment on a weekly basis, keep fine dust away from your equipment, and use it as it was designed to be used.