Creating An Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall in a room is a wonderful way to pull a design together. It draws the eye, adds drama, and can spice up a room that is nothing more than four walls squared off. If you have a dream of creating an accent wall in your home, read on for some tips for different materials to use and ways to do it.

Using Interior Paint

Painting one wall is a logical way to create an accent wall, and it's also the simplest method. Go ahead and choose that bright color of interior paint you love, because if you splash it on one wall, it won't feel as overwhelming as if you had painted an entire room in that bright color. You could even consider chalkboard paint as an accent--a chalk paint wall that's begging for you and your friends to cover it with your own designs again and again. When choosing a wall for.your accent wall, consider using one that you look at from the doorway. If one wall has a large window, a built-in, or a fireplace, those are other logical candidates for being an accent wall. For a modern take on the accent wall, look up. The ceiling can be painted a bold color to act as your accent wall, and if you have crown molding, it will act as a natural barrier between the ceiling color and the rest of your walls. 


A boldly patterned piece of wallpaper is another wonderful tool for creating an accent wall. Because you're only covering one wall, you can use a bold pattern without overwhelming the entire room, and you can choose a higher quality and more expensive wallpaper than your budget might allow if you were to wallpaper the entire room.

Temporary Accent Walls

An accent wall doesn't require paint or wallpaper. Instead, you could create an accent wall by hanging draperies the length of an entire wall. This is the perfect solution to an oddly placed window behind the bed because the curtains acts as a headboard and mask the awkward window placement. Another idea is to create a gallery accent wall. Hang a group of your favorite pieces of art on the wall behind your couch or on the wall behind your bed. Use a mix of art, personal photographs, pieces of vintage wallpaper, and wall sculpture. You could even throw some childhood drawings in there for some whimsy. To help the gallery wall look cohesive, choose one type of frame, like simple black frames that won't draw attention from the art, or choose different types of frames in one color, like antique gold or stained wood. 

If you're set on an accent wall, visit Klenosky Paint or another paint store to get started today!