3 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Your New Construction Home Look Vintage

Are you considering building your own home? In some housing markets and financial situations, this often makes more sense than buying an existing home. If you're a fan of older homes, however, you may be worried about the lack of character typically found in new construction. This can be especially troublesome if your heart lies with certain home décor styles, such as rustic or farmhouse. Thankfully, new construction doesn't have to end with your new home being a cookie-cutter version of every other one out there. Here's how you can add old-fashioned charm to your home plan.

1. Spend Your Money On Millwork

Minimalism has been trending for a while now. Gone are the days of people wanting McMansions. For one, after the housing crash, a lot of people were left with huge homes no one had the money—or interest—to buy. Come to find out, excess square footage just meant more to clean and more room to fill it with stuff they didn't really need.

Millwork, which are things like decorative base and crown molding, framed windows, wainscoting, built-in bookshelves and alcoves, and other fine architectural details are the things that were common in the homes of yesteryear but are rarely seen in new construction today. These amenities aren't inexpensive, but when you're willing to exchange unnecessary square footage for the finer things, you can afford them.

2. Elevate Your Doors

Other than the lack of millwork, perhaps no other feature screams new construction than the doors. Whether it's the interior doors that are all flat-surfaced and hollow-cored, or the exterior doors that don't exactly make you feel secure, doors nowadays look cheap and are cheaply made. Unfortunately, manufacturers have no problem selling them at a premium price.

Like millwork, quality solid wood doors are well worth the little bit of extra money you will spend. They'll look better, they'll last longer, and they will provide more privacy as well as security. You can also have them made from reclaimed wood, such as barn wood. And if you love farmhouse style décor, you can even have a sliding barn door made from authentic old wood!

3. Choose Real Wood Floors

No matter how hard the floor industry works to duplicate the look of hardwood floors, wood laminates, vinyl, and tile may be "wood-like," but they'll never provide the cozy feel and durability that real wood does. And if you choose reclaimed hardwood flooring, you'll end up with a one-of-a-kind unique home that's new but feels like it has always been there. 

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