4 Ideas To Help Give Your Kitchen Makeover A Modern European Design

If you want to have a modern kitchen, there are many things that can be done to give your kitchen a trendy European look. You may want to consider alternative materials like stainless steel or using modern appliances like glass cooktops. There are also features like hidden hardware that can give your kitchen more of a sleek modern look. Here are some ideas to help give your kitchen a unique modern design:

1. Choosing Unique Flooring and Counter Surface Solutions for a More Modern Kitchen Design

There are many unique flooring solutions that you may want to consider when giving your kitchen a modern makeover. Today, there are many modern options for kitchen floors, such as stained concrete, which can be used to match solid surface countertops and other surfaces in a modern kitchen design.  There are also options for wood surfaces in the design of your kitchen, such as solid wood countertops with protective finishes.

2. The Modern Appliances to Help Give Your Kitchen a European Makeover

The appliances that you choose for your kitchen renovations can also play a major roll in the finished appearance. For features like refrigerators, have them faced with cabinet doors to make your kitchen have a more modern European look. For the cooktops and ovens, you may want to look at a modern kitchen showroom for glass tops that have matching oven units that will fit in with your modern design.

3. Electrical and Lighting Improvements to Give Your Kitchen a Modern Makeover

The electrical lighting improvements are another part of modern kitchen design that you will want to consider for your renovations. Today, there are many options for energy-efficient lighting solutions that are less invasive and work well with modern design. Consider features like cove, under-cabinet, and indirect lighting solutions for a European look for kitchen renovations. In addition, you will want to consider features like skylights that help bring more natural light into the kitchen.

4. Choosing the Best Cabinetry and Hardware for a Modern European Kitchen Look

The cabinetry is something that you may also want to consider when giving your kitchen a modern design. Today, you have many choices of materials for cabinets when renovating your kitchen. Modern cabinetry can be prefabricated to fit the exact custom design of your kitchen and have a modern style. Instead of conventional colors and wood features, you may want to consider combining bold cabinet finishes for a unique modern kitchen design. In addition, use less visible hardware for a more modern European look in your kitchen design. If you choose to use wood countertops, you can create a solid with fewer lines using the same wood materials to face cabinetry.

These are some ideas that you may want to consider giving your kitchen makeover a modern European design. If you need help with choosing materials for your kitchen renovation project, contact a wood countertop service, like Countertops & Laminated Specialties Inc, to add modern natural materials to the design of your kitchen.