About Residential Wood Fencing

There are so many fencing options to choose from that picking the best option for your yard can be hard. Each type of fence comes with its own look and its own list of benefits, making the decision that much harder. Many people opt to go with wood fences for their yards, and you can learn why by reviewing the information below.

You can get the color you want

With a wood fence, you can stay with the natural look of the wood, you can darken the wood, or change the shade of the wood altogether. You can stay on top of the staining and painting of the fence to make it look well-cared for, or you can allow it to have a distressed look if that is what you desire. You can also give the fence a distressed look when you paint it by putting petroleum jelly on certain parts of the fence, painting the fence as you normally would, then wiping the fence down after the paint has dried. This is going to let some of the wood show through the paint, giving it an aged appearance even though it actually has fresh paint on it.  

You can get the design you want

You can get a decorative picket fence to add a lighthearted element to the landscape; you can even go with a taller picket fence to add both charm and security. You can also choose a wood fence that is considered to be one that's semi-private, meaning the panels are staggered so someone can see through the fence slightly, but for the most part their view will still be obstructed. You can also go for a full privacy wood fence. You can even have the gates installed with automatic openers.

You can add different elements to a wood fence

You can take a traditional wood fence and add a lattice topper to it, in order to give it more height and added decoration at the same time. You can also add some wrought iron gates to a wood fence to give the fence a unique look, as well as to enjoy a sturdy fence that will last a long time when it is going to be opened and closed often. If you want, you can add decorative toppers to the posts along the fence to draw a person's eyes to that part of the fencing and to give it your own touch of pizzazz.

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