Differences In Sliding Windows And Double

If you want to replace your windows, then you may be caught between going with sliding windows or double hung windows. The information here will be helpful with regards to offering you an education on the main differences of sliding and double hung windows, which will help to make your choice a bit easier.

The difference between sliding and double hanging windows

Sliding window design

A sliding window is also often referred to as a gliding window. This type of window will have sashes on one side or the other that will slide either to the left or right, if the window is a single frame sliding window. If the window is a double window, then it will have two separate sashes that will slide away from each other, one to the left and the other to the right.

With a double slider, you can open both at the same time and this will allow you to capture a nice breeze in your home. Or, you can open one side at a time to better monitor the amount of outside heat or coolness you let in at one time.

Sliding windows have designs where the windows are wider than they are tall. These windows are most common in areas of the home where the household members may want optimal ventilation. Also, these windows allow for more of an unobstructed view of the exterior than some of the other window types. These features make them popular for areas like the living room, the family room, and the den.

Sliding windows are very easy to open, since you pull a latch and just slide them open. This also makes the a good choice for areas in a home where the windows are a bit out of reach, such as over the sink or counter in the kitchen.

Double window design

Double hung windows are made up of two sashes that come in a single frame. Each of the sashes are capable of opening up or down on their own. The tilt sashes make it very easy for you to clean both sides of the window. These windows are designed in a manner that allows you to get a lot of air flow into your home.

With the design of the double hung windows, the windows are taller than they are wide. The window does not protrude from the wall with this type of window and therefore they tend to work well in areas where every inch of space matters. Contact a window installation professional for more help.