A Pole Barn Could Be The Perfect Building For Your Backyard Or Farm Property

If you want to add a building to your property to house animals, farm equipment, your car, or an RV, or if you need a building for more space for storage or entertaining, then a pole barn could be the perfect choice. This type of building uses a method of construction that has some nice advantages, and the building is quicker and easier to put up compared to traditional stick built construction. Here are some of the advantages of choosing a pole barn for your property.

A Pole Barn Doesn't Need A Foundation

One advantage of a pole barn is that it doesn't need a foundation to build upon. Instead, the building rests on posts that are sunk into the ground and held secure with concrete in the post holes. By eliminating the foundation, you eliminate a huge chunk of labor and expense. The ground the building is built on doesn't even have to be level. The ground can be dirt or gravel if it suits your purposes, but you can also put in a proper floor if you want to use the barn for watching TV and entertaining.

Pole Barns Don't Need Load-Bearing Walls

You might want walls in your barn to divide rooms into sections, but the walls aren't necessary to support the structure of the building. This allows the barn to have a wide open interior space. You may like this if you're storing large equipment or if you're keeping animals in the barn. Because of the way it's built with the buried posts bearing the load of the building, the barn can have plenty of height clearance too, which you'll want if you want to park an RV in the building. In addition, the barn can have extra-wide wall openings for driving in wide farm equipment.

Pole Barns Can Be Any Size

Pole barn refers to a construction method rather than an actual agricultural barn. You could build a small pole barn in your backyard even if you live in the city. This type of construction is ideal for a small shed. However, if you live on a farm and have a lot of space, this type of construction method allows you to build a huge barn more quickly and for less money than other construction methods like a stick frame. Once the building is up, you can finish it any way you like so it has plumbing, electricity, insulation, flooring, and an attractive appearance. Pole barns can be used for houses, commercial buildings, shops, and restaurants, so you know one of these barns will be perfect for any building you want to have built.

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