Making Additions to Your Home to Improve Its Energy Efficiency

The cost of living seems to be always on the rise, but your income may not always match it. Home expenses for maintaining and running your home are an essential part of your home budget, but with the rising cost of energy, it can be difficult to keep your home comfortable and powered at an affordable price. Fortunately, there are some changes and updates you can make to your life to help this cost. Here are some improvements you can make to your home to make it more energy efficient and easier on your utility costs.

Install a Tankless Water Heater

A traditional large-capacity tank water heater holds gallons of water at one time and constantly heats and reheats the water within its tank. But even when you are not pulling water from your home's hot water heater, the tank will still continue to reheat the water as it naturally cools. This use of energy is not necessary and is lost savings that you don't need to spend, so you can replace your hot water heater with an on-demand or tankless water heater.

A tankless water heater does not store, hold, and heat water until you need it. Instead, your tankless water heater heats the water immediately when you need it. And because it does not have a large holding and heating tank, it will take up less room in your home, which you can use for storage of other items.

Check with a local home improvement store or with your home plumber to update your existing home's water heater to tankless. If you are building a new home, talk to the builder or contractor to install this feature in your home. Contact a company like First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc. for more information about tankless water heaters.

Invest in Solar Panels

Solar power systems are becoming more readily available and more popular to homeowners as Americans realize the opportunity to use the sun's free energy. Why not take advantage of the sun's energy and use it without any pollutants or harm to the environment, and with great savings for you?

There are many solar power companies local and nationwide that provide a full solar power system for your home. And there are also government incentive programs to help you pay for the installation, sometimes even making the installation free. 

When you choose a solar panel system for your home, the solar company will analyze your home for its power needs, its availability to the sun's rays through the day, and the best position for solar panels. They can install these with the components for your home to collect and use the power, and you can sometimes sell the power to a local energy company so none of the free energy goes to waste.