Remodeling Your Retail Store Building? 2 Tips To Choose The Right Retail Door

If you are remodeling your retail store building, this can take a lot of hard work. The last thing you want to do is make the wrong choices. One thing you may be replacing is the retail door. If so, below are two tips on choosing the right door for you.

Types of Retail Doors

When it comes to retail doors, you will find many types available. The first thing to consider is if you want a solid door or a glass retail door. A solid door would be more secure, but a glass door would look more stylish.

If you want security and glass, you can make sure the glass installed is thick and durable. You could also install more secure deadbolts. For example, the screws for the deadbolts should be much stronger and longer. Having longer screws in the door frame will make it more difficult for some to break through the deadbolt. Also, only choose a deadbolt that has a key lock. This way an intruder could not break through the glass and reach in to unlock the deadbolt.

Along with the type of door, you need to choose a color. You could get a tan or white door, but you should also choose a color that goes well with the décor of your building.

Retail Door Materials

Retail store doors are made with different materials. If you are on a budget, wood is the least expensive material you can choose. You do have to consider that wood can warp if you have a lot of rain in your area due to the wetness.  There is a coating you can put on wood to help it resist moisture. This coating will wear off over time, however, so plan on reapplying it every year or so.

Fiberglass is another material that you can find for retail doors. This is more expensive than wood, but fiberglass is also more durable. Because of this, you would not have to replace the door as often.

For an entrance door, there are doors made of aluminum that have a glass front. As stated above, choose glass that is not only durable but also fire-rated in case your building catches on fire.

If your building has side doors, consider installing a steel commercial door. This type of door is much harder to break into, so it will provide you with better security.

The salesperson from whom you purchase your retail door can help you choose the right one. This salesperson can also give you much more information about the door, as well as tips on keeping the door maintained properly. Maintenance is important as this will not only ensure the door works properly, but it will also help the retail door last longer for you.  

Contact a retail door installation company for more information.