Have A Showerhead Leaking Into The Drywall? Call A Plumber Before The Wall Crumbles

You need to call a plumber if you have noticed that you have water leaking at the base of your shower head and you aren't sure how long it has been leaking, especially when the water pressure is bad as well You need to find out where the plumbing leak is located, and you need to fix it before it damages something in your walls. Here are some of the things that you want to talk with the plumber about, and things to consider.

Find the Leak and Replace the Plumbing

First, the plumbers have to find the leak, and then they will replace the plumbing. A pipe camera will be used to see where the main parts of the leak are, and the plumber will know how far they have to go to replace the pipes and the fixtures. Once the leak is found, talk about the type of piping you want to use to replace the pipes. Then you will want to pick out a new showerhead if you want it changed out at the same time.

Determine if the Drywall Needs to be Replaced

If the water has been leaking for a long time, then there may have been a lot of damage to the drywall. Assess the drywall to see if it all needs to be replaced since you may need to damage it anyway to get to the plumbing that goes in between the walls. If so, you want to get in contact with a drywall professional to make sure that they will be able to get to your project after the plumbing is fixed.

Set Up a Leak Detector

Ask the plumber if you can get a leak detector for your home. This is a unit that will pick up if you are using more water than usual, indicating that there is a leak in the home. This way you can pick up on a leak faster the next time there is one, especially if there is a leak that you can't see.

If you notice dripping or leaking and you aren't sure how long this has been a problem, you need to get the leak stopped, and you want to know how much damage has been done. Find a plumber and stop the leaking water and fix the problem so you don't have to pay for leaking water or damage anymore. Ask a plumber any other questions you have about your plumbing