2 Benefits Of Having A Concrete Patio Versus A Wooden One

If you have always wanted a patio outside of your back door so that you can entertain guests or simply enjoy evenings outside, you may be looking into having one built that is made out of wood. However, before you decide on doing that, consider first the benefits of having a concrete patio installed instead.

1.  Concrete Is Better Able to Withstand More Stressors than Wood

One major advantage of using concrete instead of wood for your patio is that the concrete is better able to withstand more stressors than wood. Not only is wood prone to rot and deterioration after being subjected to moisture and sunlight, but it also shows any trauma done to it from utensils being dropped on the surface or furniture being dragged across it that leaves deep gouges. Wooden planks that are deteriorating also become unstable, increasing the risk of tripping or falling.

However, concrete is extremely durable and resistant to moisture. Since it is made from sand and gravel, it does not rot away like wood, nor does it become loose. It can also withstand the impact and abuse it may receive from constant use, so it will look in good condition even after several years, especially if you have the surface sealed.

2.  Concrete Patio Is Easier to Maintain than a Wooden One

Another big benefit of having a concrete patio versus a wooden one is that it is much easier to maintain. When you have a wooden patio, it can quickly start looking rather rough, requiring that you either paint or stain it every couple of years. Plus, every year, you need to check for loose boards that need to be either nailed or screwed back in place to restabilize them.

However, concrete is extremely easy to maintain because simple, periodic cleaning is all that is required to keep it looking nice. If it gets dirty, you can use a mild detergent and a garden hose with a spray nozzle or even a pressure washer to clean off the surface. If you have areas that become stained or mildewy, you can simply use diluted bleach to remove it.

After learning the benefits of having a concrete patio instead of a wooden one, you may be ready to learn more about the process. Contact a concrete contractor to discuss your options for having them pour the cement and shape the patio to your desired dimensions.