3 Major Benefits Of Retrofitting A Soft Story Building

If you own a soft-story dwelling, then there is the risk of extensive damage occurring when earthquakes happen. It is thus a good idea to work with a soft-story retrofitting company. Working with them will give rise to the following benefits. 

Enhance Stability With Heavy-Duty Beams

The problem with a lot of soft-story structures today is they weren't built with the necessary safety protocols that are now in place. Rather, they were often constructed with wooden frames — which will not stand up through the activity of an earthquake.

It is thus very important that you hire a soft-story retrofitting company to address these wooden structures. The company will go in and replace them with heavy-duty steel frames. They're much more durable and will hold up throughout seismic activity. You can thus prevent major damage from happening to your building.

Lower Insurance Premiums

If you do nothing about the potential weakness of your soft-story building, then you run the risk of severe damage happening in the future. Insurance companies will penalize you for this by raising your premiums. That's not ideal as you probably don't have unlimited funds just sitting around.

You can lower these insurance premiums by working with a soft-story retrofitting company, though. They'll go in and properly reinforce your multiple story building. Insurance companies will see these proactive attempts of making your building safer, and they'll reward you with cheaper insurance premiums. 

Reduce Liability

If your building was hit by an earthquake and people in the building got injured because of your soft-story building's weakness, then you may be liable for a lot of medical costs. You may even get sued by these people. To avoid these legal dilemmas, you just need to work with a soft-story retrofitting company right away. 

They'll make sure your multiple story building is fitted with the right systems that are necessary to protect your building and the people inside during earthquakes. You then won't have to worry about being liable when damage does occur during a massive earthquake that comes without warning. 

If your commercial building is a little older, it probably has soft-story structures. That's not ideal from an earthquake standpoint and thus will warrant getting help from a soft-story retrofitting company. When you do, you can make your building safer overall in regards to earthquake activity and also avoid future issues. 

If you're worried about earthquakes, contact soft-story retrofitting services in your area to discuss how to keep your home safe from damage.