What To Know About Cleaning Your Chimney

There's nothing better on a cold day than a warm fire. However, if you have a fireplace that you use regularly, you will have to maintain it. Over time creosote will build up. Not only is this build-up unattractive, but it's also hazardous. Not cleaning your fireplace and chimney and letting creosote build up can leave your home vulnerable to fire. Here are three things that you should know when it comes to cleaning your chimney. 

It's Not Something You Should Do Yourself

The first thing to know about cleaning your chimney is that it's best left to the professionals. While there are some tasks you can do on your own, a qualified chimney sweep does more than clean your chimney. They inspect it and look for signs of trouble. If you are looking into chimney cleaning services, finding a chimney sweep that is certified is vital. Do your research and find a professional who is qualified and well-recommended by others. 

You Should Do It Annually

The first thing that you should know about cleaning your chimney is when you need to call in a chimney sweep. While there are a few things that you can do on your own, in most cases, you will need a chimney sweep to remove creosote. You should seek out chimney cleaning services at least once per year. These services include both cleaning and an inspection. The inspection will ensure that your chimney is in good enough shape to continue the operation of the fireplace. 

How Much It Will Cost

Since chimney cleaning services are needed once per year, it's a good idea to know how much a chimney sweep will cost. The cost will depend on a few different things. The larger your chimney, the more it will cost. Also, if it's been a while since you've had chimney cleaning services, you'll likely end up paying more. The fuel your fireplace burns also impacts your cost. Chimney sweeping a wood-burning fireplace will set you back between $149 and $185. Chimney cleaning services for a pellet stove cost between $179 and $225.

Keeping your chimney clean is a matter of safety. Failure to clean your chimney can lead to an increased risk of a house fire. When it comes to chimney cleaning, there are a few things that you should know. First, it's best to leave the cleaning to a professional chimney sweep. You'll also want to seek out chimney cleaning services annually. The cost to clean your chimney will vary depending on how long it's been since it's been serviced and also the size of your chimney.

Contact a chimney cleaning company, such as A & A Chimney Sweep, for more information.