Top Reasons to Install a Solid Wood Entry Door

When you have a new home built, you will have to make several decisions about what you want. One of the decisions you will be responsible for is deciding what type of front entry door to install. There are several different types of front entry doors available, so it is normal to be unsure about which one to choose. When you begin looking at potential front entry doors for your new home, you should pay close attention to the solid wood doors that are available. Some of the top reasons to install a solid wood front entry door include:

Superior Security

A solid wood entry door is very thick, strong, and durable, so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your home is safe. A great thing about solid wood front entry doors is the fact that they can't be kicked in or pried open, so no one will be able to gain access to your home when the door is locked. A high-quality solid wood front entry door will last for many years, so you can count on a high level of security for a very long time.

High Energy Efficiency

The type of front entry door that you choose for your home can make a difference in how much your energy bills are and how comfortable your home is inside. A big perk of solid wood entry doors is the fact that wood is a great insulator, so a solid wood entry door is very energy efficient. In addition, solid wood entry doors are designed to fit tightly in the doorframe, which helps ensure that no outside air seeps into your home. This will help keep hot air out during the summer and prevent cold drafts from entering during the winter months.

Many Options to Choose From

Whether you're shopping for a custom solid wood front entry door or plan to buy a prefabricated one, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Solid wood doors are made with all sorts of different types of wood, so you can choose a wood that best matches your style and complements the exterior of your house. You will also have many different stains and colors to choose from. A good thing about solid wood doors is the fact that if you want a change down the road it is easy to re-paint or re-stain a solid wood door for a whole new look. 

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