Using Prestained Wood Siding For Your Home

The type of siding that is found on a home is an important factor for both the appearance of the property as well as the durability of the home. As with most of the aspects of a home, there are many options available for residential siding.

Are There Advantages To Using Wood Siding Over Synthetic Materials?

Many modern siding materials are made of synthetic materials, such as vinyl and composite cement. However, wood is often still a superior option in many instances. For example, a homeowner that is extremely conscious of the look of their home will likely prefer the colors and textures that come with using natural wood siding. Furthermore, wood is often the most affordable siding material, which is an important consideration for those that have very large homes that will need to have siding installed. Lastly, homeowners with historic homes will have a reason to avoid synthetic materials if they want to have their property certified as historic. A part of this process will often involve retaining the home's original qualities, which may best be done using wood.

Will Using Wood Siding Take Longer?

One misconception about using wood siding is that homeowners assume it will require a much longer installation period. This belief can be based on the assumption that each piece of wood siding will need to be finished on the site. However, most contractors will utilize prestained wood. This will avoid the need to stain the siding panels on-site, which saves a considerable amount of time on this project. Luckily, most suppliers of prestained wood siding will allow for significant customization of the stain that is applied, which will allow you to ensure you get the right look for your home's newly installed wood siding.

Is Prestained Wood Siding's Color Durable?

A homeowner may have some slight concerns about choosing prestained wood siding due to a belief that the color of this siding will not be as durable as other options. While this can be an understandable concern, it is often the case that this siding will have a much more durable color than siding that has been treated on-site. This is due to the fact that this siding may have its stain applied in a controlled setting that will allow for the most durable bond to form between the stain and the wood. In contrast, stains that are applied on-site will have to contend with fluctuations in humidity, temperature, and other potential factors that could degrade the results.

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