3 Tips For Preventing The Escape Of Hot And Cool Air From Around Your Home's Old Exterior Doors

If your home has old wooden exterior doors, you may have noticed that there is quite a bit of air exchange between the interior and outside air that makes your heating and air conditioning bills skyrocket. If so, use the following tips to help seal the doors and prevent the escape of air from around the doors. Attach Weatherstripping Around the Door Frames Especially when you live in an older home, the house will settle over the years. [Read More]

4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Welding Equipment

If you just invested in some welding equipment, you want to make sure that you know how to take proper care of your welding equipment. Taking proper care of your welding machine will help ensure that you are able to get as much use and life out of your new investment. Follow the Specifications The first thing you need to do is make sure that you use your welding equipment as it was intended to be used. [Read More]

Ideas For Renovating Your Small Kitchen

Living with a small kitchen is challenging. There is never enough counter space and storage is usually tight. If you're planning to renovate your home, then doing something about the kitchen is probably top on your list. Creating more space in your kitchen not only makes your life easier, it also makes your home more appealing to future buyers. Here are some ideas for renovating a small kitchen. Install Open Cabinets [Read More]

Three Reasons Why A Fiberglass Drop-In Pool Needs More Repairs Than A Cement One

If you are considering installing a pool in your backyard, you have a few choices. Among those choices are a cement/concrete pool, or a fiberglass drop-in pool. Most pool installation experts would recommend a cement/concrete pool, as a fiberglass one will need more repairs over its lifetime. Here is why a fiberglass pool will need more pool repair services later on. Fiberglass Eventually Wears Out If you live in the same home for at least twenty years, you will find that your fiberglass tub will need to be replaced at least once. [Read More]