3 Ways To Keep Those New Hardwood Floors Looking Great

After investing in gorgeous hardwood floors, you might be wondering what you can do to protect them. Here are three ways to keep those hardwood floors looking great for many years to come. 1: Watch that Water Although you probably didn't think twice about water damage when you had that ugly linoleum, moisture can actually destroy your hardwood flooring. Those hardwood planks are protected by varnish that keeps moisture from contacting the actual wood, but over time, it can be worn away. [Read More]

How To Help Santa Get Around This Christmas

A visit from Santa might be in store for your family this year, so it's important to take several steps to help the big man get around safely. Here's what you can do to make sure his special night goes off without a hitch. Clean off your roof If you live in a cold climate, your roof likely has snow on it during the end of each December. While a foot or two of snow is perfectly fine for most roofs, more than several feet of heavy snow could cause your roof to leak or even crack, as it has in hard-hit areas like Buffalo. [Read More]

Buying A Generator? Learn How To Know Which Size To Purchase

If you're considering purchasing a generator to have as a backup power supply when severe storms or hurricanes knock out your power, you might wonder if any size will do. To save money and to make sure you'll have room to store the generator, you'll want to do a little calculating first. This guide explains how to decide which size generator to purchase. Step 1: Make a List Grab a notepad or use your smart phone to jot down the appliances that you'll want to use during a power outage. [Read More]

3 Types Of Siding That Will Provide Good Protection For Your Home

When you build a home, the materials that go on the outside of your home matter because they can protect and shield your house from harm. Here are 3 types of siding that will provide good protection for your home. Hardie Plank Siding Hardie planks are quite popular right now and give any home a modern look. One of the reasons that these planks work well is because they are made of cement and not wood. [Read More]