About Water Problems From A Cracked Basement Foundation

Does water come up through the cracks in your basement foundation when it rains? If your house now has mold growing in it because of the high level of humidity, you need to address all of the problems in a timely manner. It is also a smart idea to take the measures needed to prevent water from being able to accumulate in large amounts until the problems are fixed. This article provides a few suggestions that can be considered to bring the situation under control. [Read More]

Embers Are Coming: If You Live In The U.S., Your Roof And Landscaping Better Be Fire-Resistant

In drought-prone areas like California in the Southwest and Washington in the Pacific Northwest, hot temperatures and resulting wildfires are expected to increase. This will put more Western U.S. homes and businesses at risk of catching fire.  The Southeast is not immune, as parts of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park recently burned under the combination of drought, arson and high winds. Nearby residents and cabin-owners in Gatlinburg lost their homes and vacation cottages. [Read More]

Keep Your Oven In Good Shape

Reducing the chances of something going wrong with your oven is an easy task if you can avoid taking shortcuts and if you test the oven occasionally. If you look around online, you'll find all sorts of tips for making cleaning easier, implying that there will be little, if anything, that you have to do to maintain the oven. But these tips can often result in damage, and if you avoid testing the oven, you could wind up with a suddenly non-working appliance. [Read More]

Grease Trap Clog Prevention Advice For Holidays And Peak Seasons

If you own or manage a restaurant, you may experience high-volume during the holidays. Perhaps you do not see an increase in business around the holidays, but you may have another time in the year that you consider peak time for your restaurant. As a preventative measure, you likely get grease trap cleaning performed before these high-traffic times, but you may not realize that you may still be at risk for grease trap clogs due to the unusual volume of customers. [Read More]